Avalon Ministries is the fulfillment of a vision of  Rev Mark Chapman to nurture and encourage leaders in Christian ministry.  The name is inspired by the Arthurian legendary “blessed isle” of healing and restoration. 

“I will go unto the valley of Avalon to heal my grievous wound.”  King Arthur

Our Story

In his 40 years as the minister of Clevedon Presbyterian in South Auckland, Mark has encountered many colleagues who experience burn out and broken relationships.  As a young minister, Mark was fortunate to discover the importance of mentors to help him navigate his way to developing and encouraging leadership in himself and others that has created a congregation that embodies God’s spirit of generosity, hospitality and joy.  His resignation as the minister at Clevedon, creates space for Mark to now mentor and encourage others. 

Thanks to the generosity of an anonymous benefactor Avalon Ministries is a gracious gift to all those who minister in churches.